Welcome! My Most Recent Books and Reports Are:

I write books about wellness, beauty and living well and have been VERY active with essential oils and aromatherapy in 2017! I also have a special 17 year expertise in NNN passive income real estate. Everyone who knows me says I am “50-50 left brain/right brain” … creative but organized!

 Many of the books I am currently writing are short, to the point, focused and about 100-120 pages (more or less) as opposed to some of my earlier books (like “Essential Oils Have Super Powers”) that might be 350 pages. 

After polling my readers, I confirmed that most of us love to take shorter amounts of time to really get into a subject! We lead busy lives, don’t we!?

My reason for writing? Share helpful information with you to improve your life! I am very influenced by living in Paris, France for 16 years and many of the techniques and knowledge I write about started there!

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