My newest book launches were in July 2021, with “Essential Oils Can Do That? Answers for the Skeptic as Well as the Aromatherapy Lover“, and in August 2021, with “FAST EASY DELISH Recipes: SMOOTHIES“, the first in a series of healthy recipe books.

I wrote the Essential Oil book to help those who don’t know about, are confused about, or doubt what Essential Oils are all about – that is, the skeptics! However, those who love what aromatherapy is all about will enjoy the book too, and may learn a few new facts.

I have arranged the book in 13 general areas / chapters. It is an easy read.

Pick it up on Amazon in either Kindle format or Paperback!

The FAST EASY DELISH Recipe: Smoothies book offers 28 smoothie recipes for those who want to incorporate fruit and vegetables into their diet in an uncomplicated way! The series is meant for Kindle but includes paperback and will include audiobooks in later 2021.

The series is for those who are quite busy but want to eat well and nutritiously – without complication.