Are you overweight, and sugary foods or drinks your downfall? Do you have sugar cravings, overeat and never seem to feel full? Do you want to lose weight and take back control of your body and your health?  Are you pre-diabetic or diabetic?
This book will help you cut sugar out naturally, with a proven technique.

Get your ACTION PLAN and easy-to-follow instructions on exactly what to do.

Reviews:Jadie on Amazon wrote:

The information in this book is legit!

I am a firm believer of understanding the science of what we feed our bodies. This book explains exactly what sugar does to the brain, and the exact reasons why involving your sense of smell with essential oils can help break the cycle and help us eat less sugar, which WE ALL NEED TO DO!

The information is evidence-based and full of interesting facts that help you understand your body better, which is valuable on its own. But then the author gives EXACT INSTRUCTIONS to get started on your journey to better health! This book is a must have in your library! I have already referred back to it many times in the last few days.

Jennifer W. on Amazon wrote:

Best Book on Sugar Addiction I've Ever Read!

I am addicted to sugar. I always called it "having a sweet tooth". Sugar is a powerful addiction I have tried many times to stay away from, but I didn't really know where to start. This book is very informational and explained why it's bad for you and what happens to your body and brain when you have too much sugar. After reading this book I have much more knowledge on the subject and on how essential oils can help me to cut back sugar cravings the safe and healthy way. This book was a quick read and only took me a couple hours to read. It is by far the best book I've ever read on sugar addiction.