Latest Book Tackles Breaking Sugar Craving and Essential Oils

My New Book is ‘BREAK SUGAR CRAVINGS or ADDICTION, FEEL FULL, LOSE WEIGHT: An Astonishing Essential Oil Method.”

Chapter 1 is devoted to explaining sugar in our diet – and there are shocking facts to learn.  Use of sugar, the kinds of sugar and amounts of sugar in the United States has changed dramatically over time, and explains many diseases and obesity.  It’s a “must read”.

There is a natural way to get healthier, break the addiction (yes, sugar fires up the same addiction center in your brain as crack does!), and lose weight.

If in fact sugar is your downfall, then the book could help. It includes a very specific and practical plan that can help break the cravings and addiction. I also offer a free peppermint essential oil along with other benefits, found in the front of the book.

Find the book on Amazon here!